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Youh, it was pretty long time since the last update, isnt'it ?

So, what happened since May ? So many things it's only now I write a little update !

First thing but not the least, I'M FUCKIN GRADUATED, and with a 19/20 from my jury for my professionnal oral. Still can't believe it and one of the most incredible memory of the year. 

My plan after this was to continue for two more years, and then start to work as a manager, as I did the last year.

But as life is a funny little guy, nothing happened like expected. And for the best.

During my job researchs in summer, the most unexpected and incredible work opportunity fall on me like a fat cat on a fried chicken.

A videogame company, for which I did some tests in 2015, contacted me to ask if I was still interested to work on the project I was tested, one year ago.

The rest of the story was fuckin fast. Long story short : after many hesitations, but once I was sure of my choice... I signed my contract as professionnal scenarist two weeks later.

I was afraid of the reaction of my school, by annoncing them I will not continue my studies and start working "for real"... And then they offered me to work now as a teacher in the school, for the new digital marketing class.

People who know me IRL know how much I love my school since the beginning of my studies with them, how incredible my director was, by giving me my chance, supported me, helped me in the hard time... And then now, she hired me. Even in my wildest dreams I didn't expected a better situation than the one I had at this moment. 

Or... except if life come, again.

One month after, it was my birthday, and also the amazing Geek Faëries convention.

The day of my birthday, I met an amazing guy.

Long story short, one more time : after an amazing week-end where all my wonderful friends helped me to find the "mysterious guy" I saw on saturday, I found him only one hour before our leaving. I started to talk to him... And then proposed him to drink a beer next time we'll met, because damn. I crushed on you, dude.

One week after, I had a marvelous boyfriend.

One month after, I moved to have my own place for the first time. I can practice horse riding again. I also started medieval fencing with my boyfriend, who is a medieval fencing instructor. (How COOL is that SERIOUSLY ?)

So there we are : new job, new boyfriend, new place, new challenge. VERY big challenges, like writing 900+ pages of stories for december for the studio, and do the same for April. Prepare lessons for the university, manage my students (holy shit I have students.), training  3/4 times per week (OH MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM TO PRACTICE SPORT AGAIN), take care of my amazing boyfriend every week-end, because we live at 220km from each others.

Meet new friends, prepare new dreams, new life... Do the fuckin administration, also. Prepare myself for the future, because even if I do my dreamjob right now, you don't know what the future will be :)

Continue to see my lovely :iconlittleulvar: several time in the year, including a new artist in Hiraeth team, try harder this year to finally have the VISA for my also lovely Anndr. Travel in Ukraine maybe... and just travel. Maybe write one of the book I dream to finish.

So... Life is so damn uncontrollable. Four years ago, I listened my pragmatism and given up all my dreams, because well... One of my biggest priority was to be independant and assume myself. Save money to build a life, a family, a home. I started new studies and I'm now graduated twice in management and society gestion.

And then I'm back to my oldest dream. I'm a professionnal writer. Like. For real. People trust me enough to write a whole videogame. Man... I'm as excited as i'm afraid and motivated :heart:

And, at last, meet the guy I was dreaming for all this years.

Know what, life ? I think we're good for the last 15 years. Just don't crush me too soon... Let me enjoy a little my life.

But in the meantime, okay. 

My life is great. I hope yours is also what you want it to be, people :heart:

See you in some months I guess !

And also, I'll be at Art to Play Convention, in Nantes, the 18-19-20th November, with :iconlittleulvar: and :iconselkys: ! See you there ! <3

"War Hounds is a walk in dirt and rust.
It's wandering in the worst districts of the universe.
And trying to come out alive, if possible in one piece.
And it's a webcomic published every fridays.
This story is also a part of the "SWS" universe, AKA "Space Warships", a wide sci-fi saga about stellar wars, and people who try to defend their convictions, or simply to survive."


And you don't want to miss an update ? We also can follow us on Tumblr and Facebook ! =D






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